Naftogaz: Gazprom Causing Problems by Dropping Gas Feed Pressure

Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 23:39

Naftogaz blames Gazprom for breaching its responsibilities under the gas transit contract as it allegedly reduced the gas feed pressure at the entry to gas transport system of Ukraine, Naftogaz Chief Andriy Kobolyev stated on air on 5 Kanal.

"Transit volumes dropped even lower. I would say they are the lowest ever. Moreover, the Russian side reduced the feed pressure thus causing certain technological problems for Ukrtransgaz gas transit company. So far, the company manages to find necessary solutions. I believe Russia is trying to do everything to ‘prove’ to our European partners that Ukraine cannot be a good transit country. Finally, Russia resorts to the trivial blackmail against Ukraine and Europe," Kobolyev stressed.

He alleges it is due to Russia’s desire to lower the transit income of Ukraine. It could be also a tactic to promote Nord Stream 2, Kobolyev added.

Naftogaz requested the European Commission to document this violation of contract duties by Gazprom. "Today, I proposed to set up a monitoring group to analyze the situation, document this violation and take appropriate decision," Kobolyev explained. Naftogaz is going to report this violation to the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce which considers the transit contract dispute.

Source: Ukrayinski Novyny

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