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Russian authorities report large-scale drone attack in Belgorod Oblast

Ukraine will not extend contract with Russian gas company Gazprom

Russian attacks leave parts of 2 oblasts without heating and gas

Energy Ministry rules out extension of Russian gas transit agreement

European Commission will not hold talks with Russia on continuation of gas transit through Ukraine

EU not interested in continuing transit of Russian gas through Ukraine

Ukraine's largest gas producer launches two new gas wells

Russians damage 2 gas pipelines in Mykolaiv

Ukraine self-sufficient in natural gas needs for first heating season in history

Ukraine's gas company reports largest gas pipeline hit in Kharkiv since winter onset

Ukraine ready to store up to 10 billion cubic metres of gas for Europe – PM

Ukraine's largest natural gas producer reaches record production at new wells in company's entire history

Three boiler houses in Kyiv slightly damaged by Russian attack

US sanctions stop gas supply from Russian LNG project, Bloomberg reports

Over 20% of Russian LNG is sold through EU ports – Financial Times

European Commission urges Hungary not to buy gas from "war criminal" Putin

US imposes sanctions against manufacturer of Russian Lancet drones and Putin's gas projects

"Utter nonsense" – Putin on Russia's involvement in sabotage operation on Balticconnector gas pipe

If attack on Alliance's critical infrastructure is deliberate, there will be a decisive response – NATO

Teens allegedly planning to blow up gas pipe detained in Russia

EU increases import of Russian liquefied gas by 40% after Russia's attack on Ukraine

Refusal of Russian gas: EU storage facilities already 90% full

Ukraine's General Staff determines targets of recent Russian missile strikes

Washington Post claims US knew Ukraine was planning to blow up Nord Stream gas pipeline

Explosion thundered on gas pipeline in Russia, one person dead

G7 and EU to ban restart of Russian gas supply on routes to Europe – FT

Denmark's Armed Forces confirm Russian ship was seen near the site of Nord Stream explosion

Putin calls speculation about Ukrainian involvement in Nord Stream explosion "nonsense"

President's Office explains why it was Russia that had motive to blow up Nord Streams, not Ukraine

Russians attack gas pipeline in Kharkiv Oblast, injuring civilian