Government Extends Sentsov-Kolchenko Sanction List

Friday, 12 August 2016, 17:18

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved an extended sanction list of persons involved in illegal sentencing and other unlawful actions against Ukrainian citizens. The list was tabled with the National Security and Defense Council for endorsement. This decision was published on the Government’s website on August 12, although the Prime Minister signed it on August 8.

"Considering the illegal Russian court sentences and other unlawful actions against Ukrainian citizens, we propose to apply special economic and other sanctions against a number of Russian officials involved," the Government’s decision reads. The list of persons who will be under sanctions is ‘for internal use’ and was not disclosed. The initial list of sanctions had been adopted due to putting Ukrainian citizens Sentsov, Kolchenko and others in Russian prisons.

The Foreign Ministry was requested to update the competent authorities of the EU, other European countries, the U.S. and other countries and suggest them to apply similar sanctions.


Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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А не пора ли уже от всяких чисто символических списков перейти к усилению реальных санкций против РФ в виде ограничения транзита, запрета на импорт товаров и национализации российской собственности в Украине?
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