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List of Kyiv’s cultural facilities damaged by Russian bombings. PHOTOS

Monday, 10 October 2022, 19:15

Yana Osadcha, Ukrainska Pravda.Zhyttia — MONDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2022

During the massive rocket attack by Russia on 10 October, a number of cultural, educational and scientific facilities located in the centre of Kyiv were damaged.


Source: the Ukrainian Centre for the Development of Museum Affairs


The list of damaged buildings includes:

  • Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (the main building and the building of the Institute of Philology);
  • Scientific Library named after Mykhailo Maksymovych;
  • Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • Institute of Archaeography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • National Philharmonic of Ukraine;
  • The building of Teacher’s House where the Pedagogical Museum of Ukraine and the Museum of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 are located.
Red building of Kyiv National University

Windows were partially broken in the Khanenko National Art Museum; the Taras Shevchenko National Museum; the Kyiv Art Gallery; the National Research and Restoration Centre; the memorial museum-apartment of Mykola Bazhan and Pavlo Tychyna; the National Natural Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the Museum of the History of Kyiv.

Damage dealt to the Department of East Slavic Philology (former Russian philology)

Employees and students who were in or near the buildings were not injured

Infrastructure buildings, including a leading institution of higher education in Ukraine were also destroyed

Serhii Shkarlet, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, also reported on the damage caused by the Russians to educational facilities.

"There are many injured; infrastructure buildings destroyed, including the leading institution of higher education of Ukraine, the building of the National Academy of Sciences, the Kyiv-based Teacher’s House and one of the Ministry’s buildings," the minister wrote.

Centre for Crimean Tatar language and literature

Volodymyr Bugrov, the Headmaster of Shevchenko Kyiv National University, published a photo of the damage caused to the educational institution.

"Fortunately, the workers and students who were in the buildings or near them were not injured," Bugrov wrote.

"Ukraine and Ukrainians cannot be conquered!"

The building has windows broken, facades and classrooms destroyed; the Centre for Crimean Tatar Language and Literature was also damaged by the attack.

A dome of the Teacher's House also came under fire.

Photos by Volodymyr Bugrov

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