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Occupiers destroy books from library funds of university in Mariupol – City Council

Sunday, 19 February 2023, 15:08

Viktoriia Andrieieva, staff writer at Ukrainska Pravda.Zhyttia, 19 February 2023

The occupiers have reached the funds of the Pryazovskyi State University. They are throwing away books, the Mariupol City Council reports

The published photos show about a thousand books that the invaders took out of the library.


They simply threw some of the textbooks out the window.

"The occupiers are throwing away books from the library collections of Pryazovskyi State University. Later, they will be disposed of," the post states.

Photo: Mariupol City Council

The city council draws parallels with the actions of the Nazis. During the occupation of Mariupol by the Germans during the Second World War, they also destroyed cultural and intellectual property in order to instil their ideology.


"History repeats itself, but now the invaders are Russians," the mayor's office emphasises.

The occupiers are actively destroying Ukrainian culture, its artistic and literary heritage. Instead, they import their "ideologically correct books".

For example, during the liberation of Kharkiv, 700 Russian textbooks were seized.

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