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Azov brigade commander: 900 Azovstal defenders for 2 years in captivity now, we won't stop until we get everyone back

Russians strike civilian car in Mariupol with air defence missile – photo

Journalists identify part of Russian vessels that exported Ukrainian grain through port of Mariupol

German companies help Russia rebuild occupied Mariupol

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Mariupol – video

Ukraine asks Disney to restore 20 Days of Mariupol win to international Oscars broadcast

Ukrainian film 20 Days in Mariupol cut from international TV broadcast of Oscars due to time constraints

Lithuanian Foreign Minister advises supporters of "peace" with Russia to watch Ukrainian documentary about Mariupol

20 Days in Mariupol wins BAFTA award for best documentary

Human Rights Watch reports at least 8,000 casualties in Mariupol amidst first year of war

German ZDF channel films story from occupied Mariupol: Ukraine's Foreign Ministry demands explanations

German TV channel films story on how Mariupol "functions" under Russian occupation

Over 900 Ukrainian soldiers who defended Mariupol still in Russian captivity – Azov brigade commander

Possible epidemic in Mariupol, city council warns

50,000 migrants from Russia and Central Asia brought to occupied Mariupol

It is "loud" in Mariupol – official

Russian exhibition about Mariupol banned in Italy

Hundreds of people hold Free Azov rally in Kyiv – photo

Mariupol schoolchildren to be shown Putin's speeches as part of "educational activities"

"Second New Year in captivity": action in support of defenders of Mariupol is held in Kyiv – photo

Russians plan to create "engineering plant" at captured Azovmash facility in Mariupol

Underground resistance group blows up car carrying Russian official in Mariupol – photo

Russian proxy police officer's car attacked in occupied Mariupol

Estonia starts trial of pro-Russian politician who travelled to Mariupol

Second Mariupol "mayor" appointed by occupiers within a year is dismissed

Mariupol Reborn: mayor says rebuilding of Mariupol will take 20 years

Russians fill up two-thirds of Kalmius riverbed in Mariupol for construction of a сrossing

Ukrainian forces able to hit new railway line to Mariupol being built by Russia – UK intelligence

65 days in Mariupol: a story of siege and occupation

In spring 2022 Mariupol, home to half a million people, turned into the largest mass grave in 21st-century Europe. Some Mariupol residents managed to escape. Tens of thousands died as they lay trapped under rubble, their bodies mingling with debris later recycled by the Russians who came to "liberate" the city. Photographer Yevhen Sosnovskyi shares his memories of 65 days of Mariupol’s siege and occupation.

Russia builds new road from Rostov, Russia, to occupied Mariupol