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Estonia calls on EU to increase munitions procurement for Ukraine

Tuesday, 28 February 2023, 07:41

Hanno Pevkur, Minister of Defence of Estonia, has called on the European Union to focus on purchasing munitions for Ukraine as soon as possible in order to launch industrial production instead of sending existing reserves. 

Source: Pevkur, in his letter to Josep Borrell, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, as reported by European Pravda, citing Bloomberg

Quote from Pevkur: "We should of course provide 155mm ammunition from existing stocks as well, but the demand stimulates supply only when new contracts are signed with the industry," Pevkur wrote.


Details: The minister has stressed that volumes of munitions production in Europe are not sufficient at the moment, not only for sending to Ukraine but also for replenishing their own reserves in the long term, as Russia uses a month’s worth of European artillery shells in one day. 

The letter also mentions that not only could an EU body take care of the procurement, but also a member state on behalf of the Union if it was faster. 

Background: Pevkur visited Kyiv last week and announced a new military aid package for Ukraine.


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