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Putin lies about geography of Ukrainian grain exports again Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

Monday, 20 March 2023, 19:33

Russian President Putin's statements that allegedly 45% of grain under the grain agreement is delivered to European countries and only 3% to Africa are untrue. The Russian Federation does not give up trying to undermine the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

Source: statement of the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Oleh Nikolenko.

"Russia does not give up trying to undermine the Black Sea Grain Initiative. These statistics are untrue. Since 1 August 2022, Ukraine has exported 25.1 million tons of grain through the grain corridor, tons of agricultural products to 45 countries:

  • In Africa – 2.9 million tons (11.6%)
  • In Asia – 12.1 million tons (48.2%)
  • In Europe – 10.1 million tons (40.2%)

Russia also knows that part of the Ukrainian grain purchased by Europe's "well-fed countries" is sent as humanitarian re-export to Africa and Asia. Therefore, the actual statistics for exports to the African continent are even higher than 11.6%. Not to mention that almost 50% of the products support Asian countries," the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

"The Black Sea Grain Initiative has proven its effectiveness. Global food prices have stabilised. The grain corridor saves millions [of people] worldwide from malnutrition and hunger.

The international community, primarily the countries of Africa and Asia, should not allow Moscow to use food as a weapon," the foreign ministry added.

The foreign ministry also stressed that Ukraine will "faithfully adhere to its obligations as one of the guarantors of global food security".

Background: Earlier, Putin said that it is necessary to limit the direction of grain export by the grain corridor from the territory of Ukraine: he claims that almost all grain was sent to the EU and not to developing countries. Ekonomichna Pravda showed numbers indicating that this is a lie.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia re-stated that the Black Sea "grain initiative" was extended for 60 days, not 120, as assumed by the initial agreements.

Previously, Ekonomicnha Pravda wrote that by extending the agreement for only 60 days, the aggressor wants to maintain its political positions in countries dependent on food imports, allegedly contributing to a larger supply of grain in the world and at the same time – to reduce Ukraine's earnings and select Ukrainian niches in traditional markets, primarily in Egypt.

Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Reconstruction, reported the extension of the grain initiative for 120 days.

In October, Russia sent the UN a list of requirements and threatened to leave the agreement on grain export from the Black Sea in case of non-fulfilment.

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