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Putin signs annual decree on calling up Russians from reserves for training

Kremlin reacts to Tucker Carlson's comments following Putin interview

German Foreign Minister draws parallels between Putin's actions in unrecognised Transnistria and Ukraine

ISW: Putin uses nuclear rhetoric to draw Western attention to himself and for propaganda

One of the dumbest things I've ever heard: Tucker Carlson comments on his notorious interview with Putin

EU on Putin's threats: A part of his re-election efforts and a long-standing lie

Putin's statements should be taken extremely seriously – Polish PM

Russian strategic nuclear forces on full alert – Putin

Putin warns of "tragic consequences" if NATO sends troops to Ukraine

Putin secretly introduces political commissars into government agencies to strengthen patriotism

Navalny's widow speaks of Ukraine in European Parliament and gives "innovative" advice on defeating Putin

Putin's address to be screened in Russian cinemas

I can't understand how Trump can be on Putin's side – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy doubts Putin will ever call him

Zelenskyy on meeting Putin in 2019: We talked and bargained a lot

Zelenskyy on negotiating with Putin: We will offer him platform where he can admit his defeat

Russia attacking NATO is a real possibility – former UK PM Johnson

Zelenskyy: Putin will not stop until he loses

Putin boasts about upgraded nuclear weapons in Defender of the Fatherland Day address

Putin: Biden calling me son of a bitch is "absolutely reasonable reaction"

Self-proclaimed Transnistrian MPs in Moldova prepare to address Putin and ask to be integrated into Russia

Russian propaganda media claim Putin flew aboard Tu-160M missile carrier for 30 minutes

Biden calls Putin "crazy son of a bitch"

Russians want to fully capture Luhansk Oblast before Putin's sham elections – Ukraine's intelligence

Putin cynically claims Russia "always treated prisoners of war with dignity"

Navalny's wife urges EU not to recognise Putin's election and protect "Russians fleeing war"

Putin refuses to allow international investigation into Navalny's death

Putin gives Kim Jong Un a Russian-made car

Baltic states condemn Russia's intention to hold presidential elections in Ukraine's occupied territories

Kremlin sends special units to occupied territories of Ukraine to "create" voters for Putin