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"We survived": Special Operations Forces posts new video from burning Bakhmut

Saturday, 6 May 2023, 12:12
We survived: Special Operations Forces posts new video from burning Bakhmut

Special Operations Forces have posted new videos from the burning city of Bakhmut, in which Russia allegedly used phosphorus ammunition.

Source: Special Operations Forces

Quote: "We have survived! Revenge is just around the corner!


Images of the night shelling of Bakhmut with phosphorus munitions."

Details: The Special Operations Forces insist that the Russians used banned phosphorus munitions in Bakhmut.

So far, there is no evidence of whether it is phosphorous or incendiary ammunition.


For reference: Military experts and investigators note that Ukraine and Russia are not armed with phosphorus ammunition.

But it can be incendiary ammunition, which is also prohibited; they cannot be used in cities or near them.

Incendiary ammunition may be used against military facilities only if they are remote from civilian ones.

Such ammunition creates mass fires using flammable, combustible materials in areas with dry vegetation cover.

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