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Armed Forces

NYT criticises weak defensive positions of Ukrainian troops near Avdiivka

Zelenskyy: Commander-in-Chief has carte blanche for personnel changes

Commander-in-Chief is dissatisfied with commanders of some brigades and announces personnel changes

Russians muster forces and advance heavily on Chasiv Yar

Zelenskyy replaces commander of Ukraine's Logistics Forces

Ukraine to hold front line until second half of 2024

60 samples of weapons and military equipment approved in February for operation in Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russian soldier surrenders to Edelweiss Mountain Assault Brigade's drone – video

Paris insists on discussion about sending Western troops to Ukraine

Polish President confirms there was no consensus in Paris on sending troops to Ukraine

Russia assaults Orlivka from three fronts after Ukrainian Armed Forces retreat from Lastochkyne

Czech President grants permission for 20 citizens to join Ukrainian Armed Forces

Commander-in-Chief Syrskyi discusses enhanced defence measures against drones and guided bombs on the frontline – video

Russians try to storm Marinka front 40 times – General Staff report

Zelenskyy comments on bad training of military reserves and how 4 brigades couldn't fight

Ukraine's counter-offensive plan was in the Kremlin before it even started – Zelenskyy

Ukraine's defence plan for 2024 is ready, it will bring results

Senior Ukrainian military officials visit front line – photo

Zelenskyy presents state awards to Antonov Airport defenders – photo

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian air defence system and heavy flamethrower system in Donetsk Oblast

We need unity now more than ever – Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief

Czechia assembles countries to finance transfer of 800,000 munitions to Ukraine

24 February 2022 reconstructed. Episode 1. Preparing for the Russian invasion

Ukrainian missile forces destroy 2 Russian Buk-M3 anti-aircraft systems – General Staff

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian Tor-M2 and Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile systems in Ukraine's south

Senior Ukrainian military officials visit first military recruitment centre in Lviv – video

Commander-in-Chief initiates audit of Defence Forces as some units never been deployed to frontline

Ukrainian forces confirm three strikes on Russian army training ground in Kherson Oblast: Russians say their commanders were there

The last days of Avdiivka: what led to the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the city and how it took place

Inspection finds that Pentagon lacks plan to support equipment transferred to Ukraine