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Situation in Avdiivka more difficult than in Bakhmut – 3rd Assault Brigade

Ground Forces Commander arrives on Bakhmut front

Ukraine's Armed Forces report success near Klishchiivka

Numbers of Russians increases on Bakhmut front – ISW

Fighting around Bakhmut: Russians trying to advance towards Chasiv Yar – ISW

Russians advance slightly near Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Marinka – ISW

Russians advance near Avdiivka – ISW

Situation near Bakhmut is active, Ukrainian Armed Forces assault on occasion

79 pieces of Russian equipment destroyed in four combat missions: Ukraine's Security Service describes battles for Road of Life

Russians lose nearly 9,000 soldiers on Eastern front in just one month

Russians consolidate reserves and attack on Bakhmut front for two weeks

Positional warfare: Russia assaults areas near Klishchiivka and Andriivka

Shashank Joshi, Defence Editor at The Economist: Bakhmut campaign cost Ukraine more than it gained

Russian forces intensify their efforts near Bakhmut

Ukrainian defenders hit Russian equipment and trenches on Bakhmut front

Ukrainian troops achieve success on Left Bank of Kherson Oblast – ISW

Ukrainian Defence Forces advance near Bakhmut – ISW

Russians switch from defence to active operations near Bakhmut – Ground Forces commander

Ukrainian troops advance beyond railway line near Bakhmut – ISW

Bakhmut front: Ukraine's forces advance 10 metres every day, Russians engage reserves

Russians attempt to encircle Avdiivka, storming Marinka and Kupiansk fronts – General Staff

Azov founder about toughest opponent they fought near Andriivka

Russians completely lose opportunities for counteroffensive south of Bakhmut

Ukrainian defenders hit Russian artillery near Bakhmut

Russian forces attempt to advance on Bakhmut and Avdiivka fronts, but to no avail – General Staff report

3rd Separate Assault Brigade takes prisoner commander of Russian volunteer battalion

Russia throws reserves north of Bakhmut to deter advance of Ukraine's Defence Forces

Ukraine's Defence Forces repel attacks on four fronts and advance on two – General Staff

Wagner fighters return to fight in Ukraine − UK intelligence

Russians increase density of mine-explosive barriers on Bakhmut front – General Staff report