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Orban scares Ukraine with losses during counter-offensive and calls for negotiations with Russia

Friday, 2 June 2023, 10:46

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has advocated a ceasefire and peace talks between Ukraine and Russia before the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Source: Orbán, in an interview with state radio on Friday, as reported by European Pravda, referring to Telex

Details: Orban said that the Ukrainians are preparing a counter-offensive, which "is a matter for the Ukrainians".


But, according to him, as "a man with one and a half years of military experience", he "knows very well" that the attacking side will suffer three times more losses than the one defending.

Quote: "And in a country whose population is only a small part of the population of the opposing side, to launch a major military offensive in such conditions means staging a bloody war. We must do everything possible, even before the counter-offensive, to convince the parties of the need for a ceasefire and peace negotiations," said the head of the Hungarian government.

In addition, as is his wont, Orbán complained that it is difficult for him to be the only prime minister in the EU who stands for peace, but he said, "If you are Hungarian, you have to stand up for what is right".

Orbán also said that as long as he is in power, Hungary will not go to war with Russia.

Earlier, in an interview with Bloomberg, Orbán said that Ukraine is not capable of winning the aggressive war that Russia has unleashed against it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sharply criticised the Hungarian Prime Minister's statement.

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