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Hungarian PM calls election of anti-Ukrainian president in Slovakia "a big win" for "advocates of peace"

Hungarian PM believes Western Balkans should complete EU accession process sooner than Ukraine

Hungary's PM sends Putin letter congratulating him on his "election victory"

Hungarian PM asks audience to help "occupy Brussels" in his celebratory speech

Trump, Orbán, and Musk. Is this Putin's secret global private group?

Orbán describes Trump's in-depth plans to end war: he won't give a penny

Trump exchanges compliments with Orbán, calling him a "fantastic leader"

Hungarian PM meets with Trump and asks him to "come back and bring peace"

Hungarian PM to discuss ways of ending Russian war in Ukraine with Donald Trump

Hungary's Foreign Minister tells state-run Russian media no Zelenskyy-Orbán meeting planned for now

Hungarian PM confirms he met with Trump who supposedly "can stop wars"

Orbán says Ukraine should be "buffer zone" outside EU and NATO

Orbán scornfully reacts to Ukrainian Foreign Minister calling him pro-Hungarian

Hungarian PM satisfied with summit's decision on €50 billion: Hungarian money will not go to Ukraine

€50 million for Ukraine: Politico on compromise with Hungarian PM

EU does not have fatigue from Ukraine but it does from Orban – Polish PM

Meloni and Macron talk to Orban before EU summit to discuss funds for Ukraine

Orbán fears Ukraine's EU accession due to further US influence – media

EU leaders propose annual €50 billion debate for Ukraine to sidestep Orbán

Orban privately acknowledges Hungary's inability to prevent Ukraine from joining EU

Only EU politician who is so anti-Ukrainian – Tusk about Orban

Ukraine's foreign minister says Orbán is not a pro-Russian, but a pro-Hungarian politician

Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs names condition for meeting of Hungarian and Ukrainian presidents

Orbán repeats his thesis about "catastrophe" Ukraine's EU accession will cause

Hungarian PM: Peace has a name – Donald Trump

Hungary's PM confirms his willingness to unblock €50bn for Ukraine, under one condition

Head of Ukrainian President's Office on conversation with Hungarian Foreign Minister: "Powerful step" towards Zelenskyy meeting with Orbán

Hungarian newspaper close to PM publishes anti-Ukrainian article ahead of foreign minister's visit to Ukraine

Ukraine is working on Hungarian PM's first visit in 15 years

Luxembourg Foreign Minister on Ukraine aid: It will not be easy to convince Orbán