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One unit operational at Kurakhove TPP despite building collapse

Tuesday, 11 July 2023, 20:33

One unit was successfully put into operation at the Kurakhove Thermal Power Plant, which was shut down on 7 July after a collapse in the plant's building.

Source: Serhii Kovalenko, CEO of Yasno (DTEK Group).

Quote: "Due to the shelling, the supporting structure of the building was broken, and later, the concrete floor collapsed. The employees of the plant and the repair company were injured, and there are fatalities. But today, one unit has already started working, " Kovalenko said.


At the same time, he recalled the price given for the operation of the energy system, and called on Ukrainians to be careful about electricity consumption, especially in the evening hours.

Quote: "Now we have no blackouts, but we must remember: as a result of the shelling, the energy infrastructure is very damaged.  Power engineers keep it in order with incredible efforts, sometimes even at the cost of their own lives. Currently, it is important to limit electricity consumption during the evening peak: use air conditioners and other powerful devices more wisely," the head of the energy company said.


Reminder: On 7 July at 21:20, due to damage to the supporting structure of the building as a result of constant shelling, the stationary reinforced concrete floor of the Kurakhove TPP collapsed.

The plant was temporarily shut down.

Two employees were fatally injured, and three more employees suffered injuries of varying severity.

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