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Czechia to provide Ukraine with helicopters and help train F-16 jet pilots

Friday, 7 July 2023, 11:21

Czechia will provide Ukraine with additional attack helicopters, large-calibre ammunition and will help train F-16 fighter jet pilots.

Source: Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala during a press conference with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Prague on 7 July, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: "Today [7 July 2023] I confirmed to Mr President that the Czech Republic will donate attack helicopters to Ukraine in the coming months and another 100,000 pieces of large-calibre ammunition," Fiala said.


Details: He added that Czechia would help Ukraine train personnel to operate F-16 fighter jets and provide Ukraine with a simulator for training.

"I must say that I admire the bravery of Ukraine's defence against Russia's barbaric attack, and I am glad that our military aid supplies are helping to support this courageous defence," the Czech Prime Minister said.

He noted that the war unleashed by Russia has been going on for 500 days, and the Czech Republic has sent almost 700 pieces of heavy equipment and over four million pieces of ammunition to Ukraine.

The Czech Army has about 40 helicopters in service, 30 of which are Soviet and Russian-made Mi series. There are several Mi-8 and Mi-17 aircraft in service, and their operation will end in a few years. It also has 15 upgraded Mi-171SH helicopters and may continue to operate them until 2035.

Background: Last year, Czechia provided Ukraine with combat helicopters.

Czechia negotiated the supply of helicopters from the United States to replace the ones donated to Ukraine.

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