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fighter jets

Zelenskyy showcases training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16s – video

Zelenskyy hears reports on everything related to F-16 aircraft at Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff meeting

Air Force: Ukraine transitions to F-16 in emergency manner, unlike any other country

Ukraine's Air Force shoots down Russian Su-34 jet

NATO Secretary General explains "dilemma" in supply of F-16s to Ukraine

Poland scrambles aircraft due to Russian missile attack on Ukraine

Poland scrambles aircraft due to massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine

Netherlands increases number of F-16s for Ukraine to 24

Moldova's Defence Ministry refutes fake reports about "transit of F-16s for Ukraine"

German fighter jets scrambled to intercept Russian military aircraft

Ukraine can regain control of its skies in 2024 – Foreign Minister

There is no threat of Denmark's supply of F-16 to Ukraine being disrupted – Foreign Minister

Pentagon expects Ukraine to receive first F-16s this year

Ukraine's Air Force says F-16 fighters, not A-10 attack aircraft, are priority for Ukraine

Increased number of missile strikes indicates that Russia considers F-16s in Ukraine threatening – Estonian Defence Intelligence

Ukraine needs assault aircraft like American A-10s – Ukraine's Ground Forces Commander

Denmark says no official word on F-16 jets delay, we expect to receive them in spring – Ukraine's Air Force

Norwegian F-16 fighter jets transported to Denmark to train Ukrainian pilots

Ukrainians are expected to complete F-16 training by end of 2024 – Pentagon

Belgium to deploy two F-16s in Denmark for Ukrainian pilot training from March

Air-raid warning issued across Ukraine again, reports of explosion in 2 cities emerge

Six Ukrainian pilots complete basic training for F-16 flights in the UK

There are memes already – Air Force spokesman on Russian fake news about downed F-16s

Air Force downs Su-30 fighter – General Staff

Air-raid warning issued across Ukraine: Shahed UAVs launched, MiG fighter in air

Head of Ukraine's defence state-owned enterprise tried to cash in on purchase of equipment for Su-27 aircraft – photo

Air-raid warning not issued each time MiG takes off

Iran secures deal for Russian fighter jets and helicopters

Parliament believes that first F-16s to appear in Ukraine in late spring

Pentagon to supply Ukraine with components for F-16 fighter jets