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Russians reduce military aviation activity in Ukraine after significant loss of aircraft

Russia is ready to risk aviation losses for tactical advance on Avdiivka front – ISW

St Petersburg's Pulkovo airport closed, Russian authorities report downed drone

Air Force shot down Russian Su-34 aircraft

Russia may attempt to reactivate older A-50 aircraft after the loss of two planes – UK Defence Intelligence

F-16 fighter jets will be in Ukraine this year – Zelenskyy after meeting with Dutch PM

NATO releases video of Russian fighter jets being intercepted over Baltic Sea – video

Ukraine's Defence Forces down 2 more Russian Su-34 jets: three jets downed on 29 February

France intercepts Russian Il-20 aircraft off Estonian coast – video

Media release satellite images of crash site of Russian A-50 aircraft – video

Ukraine's Security Service completes investigation into destruction of Mriia plane: accused face up to 15 years in prison

Ukrainian Air Force commander posts photo of Russian Su-34 in flames – photo

Ukrainian Air Force destroys second Russian Su-34 fighter jet in a day

Russians have not deployed A-50 aircraft for several days

Russia will be forced to stop round-the-clock duty of A-50 planes if another one is lost – Chief of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

10 Russians, including 5 majors, killed in downed A-50 aircraft – Ukrainska Pravda sources

5 more Russian aircraft were ordered to terminate their mission – Ukraine's intelligence on downing of A-50 aircraft

Media report downing of Russian Su-34 in Kherson Oblast, information confirmed false

Russian A-50 was downed with S-200 anti-aircraft system

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts final flight path of downed Russian A-50 – map

Defence Forces destroy another A-50 Russian aircraft – video, map

Ukraine's intelligence says Russia has nearly 300 combat aircraft to target Ukraine

Denmark works "at full capacity" so first F-16 aircraft arrive in Ukraine this summer

We shouldn't expect Russian aircraft to wear out – Air Force spokesman

First group of Ukrainian pilots to complete F-16 training by summer

First F-16 jets may arrive in Ukraine in June

Ukrainian air defence forces shoot down 1 more Russian aircraft, 1 missile and 12 Shahed UAVs

Russia conducts largest number of airstrikes on Tavriia operational area since beginning of 2024 – Operational Strategic Group Commander

Russian forces carry out 71 airstrikes over past day – General Staff report

Wreckage of missing Mi-8 helicopter found in Russia