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New tent city for Wagnerites under construction in Belarus

Tuesday, 8 August 2023, 12:59
New tent city for Wagnerites under construction in Belarus

The construction of a tent city to accommodate around 1,000 Wagnerites has begun near the Zyabrawka airfield in Belarus.

Source: Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC)

Quote: "The reports from the resistance indicate that a new camp for Wagner PMC [Private Military Company – ed.] mercenaries is under construction in the village of Zyabrawka in the Republic of Belarus, [the settlement] bordering Ukraine. They are further planned to be used to imitate subversive activities on the border with [Ukraine’s] Chernihiv Oblast.

Meanwhile, Wagnerites are highly likely to be used to imitate activities in support of Russia's and Belarus' information operations to pressure European nations.

This campaign aims to force European countries to reduce their support for Ukraine. 'Just so we aren't attacked'."

Details: The NRC says that at the initial stage, such an information operation imitates the deployment of Wagner PMC camps and spreads narratives that mercenaries are ready to march on the EU.

Background: The Ukrainian State Border Guard Service noted that Belarus is using Russian mercenaries from the Wagner PMC to aggravate the situation, whereas their number and location in Belarus do not pose a threat to Ukraine.

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