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Russia must participate in peace talks – Swiss foreign minister

Sunday, 14 January 2024, 15:59
Russia must participate in peace talks – Swiss foreign minister
Photo: Getty Images

Ignazio Cassis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, has stated at the fourth Peace Formula meeting in Davos that Ukraine’s peace plan is only a "foundation" for negotiations aimed at ending the conflict with Russia.

Source: Cassis in Davos, as cited by Swissinfo

Quote: "One way or another, Russia will have to be included.


There will be no peace without Russia’s word…

We must do everything possible to support Ukraine."

Details: Cassis believes that the peace plan must move forward, even if dialogue between Kyiv and Moscow is not possible at the moment.


"Every day that we wait, dozens of civilians die. We don't have the right to wait," Cassis stressed.

"We must put an end to this war," he added. Among the ten points of the Peace Formula, Switzerland is working on those concerning food security, nuclear safety, and the process of ending the war.

Background: The fourth meeting of national security advisors on the Ukrainian Peace Formula took place in Davos, Switzerland, on Sunday, 14 January. Eighty-one countries and international organisations participated in the meeting.

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