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Zelenskyy outlines plans to get Russia involved in peace talks following Peace Summit in June

Putin on potential negotiations: Russia must figure out who it can trust

Zelenskyy: Partners are not pushing Ukraine to negotiate with Russia, but it is in the air

Putin again claims his readiness for negotiations and complains about sanctions against Russia

Poland and Ukraine continue agrarian talks – ambassador

If Russia demonstrates that it's genuinely willing to negotiate, we'll certainly be there – Blinken

Donald Trump's plan to end war is to force Ukraine to give up territory – WP

NATO Secretary General says Ukraine will have to decide which compromises it will accept in war with Russia – BBC

France rejects Russian statement on Paris' readiness for dialogue on Ukraine

Elon Musk says Russia could hit Dnipro and capture Odesa

Pope calls on Ukraine to hold peace talks with Russia again after being criticised for controversial statements

Erdoğan congratulates Putin with "victory" on sham elections and mentions talks with Ukraine

Putin again claims to be ready for peace talks but only with guarantees for Moscow

Kremlin reacts to Pope's statement

I wonder what he meant to convey – German Foreign Minister on Pope's statement

Ukraine's Foreign Minister responds to Pope's calls for "white flag": "Our flag is yellow and blue"

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church head on Pope's words: No one in Ukraine is willing to surrender

Vatican clarifies Pope's words: Not surrender, but negotiations

Pope tells Ukraine to have "courage of the white flag"

Ukrainians do not share their land, they bury invaders in it – National Security and Defence Council Secretary

Chinese representative claims Ukraine and Russia must negotiate

Türkiye insists on talks between Ukraine and Russia: this does not mean occupation is recognised

WSJ analyses Putin's demands for peace from 2022: turn Ukraine into neutral state

Erdoğan suggests that Ukraine and Russia should "negotiate" in Istanbul again

Zelenskyy on negotiating with Putin: We will offer him platform where he can admit his defeat

We don't want any talks format to be imposed on us – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy: Putin will not stop until he loses

Zelenskyy outlines what a diplomatic end to the war should look like

"Diplomatic solution" to Ukraine war involves Russia keeping occupied territories, says Foreign Minister Lavrov

Abandoning nuclear weapons and internal rebellions: Senior Ukrainian official explains when talks with Russia are possible