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Peace Formula

Zelenskyy aims to convene Peace Summit with up to 100 countries participating

Ukrainian PM discusses peace and weapons for Ukraine with Polish president in Warsaw

Zelenskyy invites Indonesia to join Global Peace Summit

Zelenskyy meets Serbian President at Ukraine-South-East Europe summit

Zelenskyy outlines what a diplomatic end to the war should look like

Progress of the "Peace Formula": Davos and new prospects for Ukraine

Israel joins discussion on Zelenskyy's Peace Formula

Zelenskyy hints that Russia will not be invited to Global Peace Summit

Second five points of Peace Formula discussed in Davos

Zelenskyy on Peace Formula meeting in Davos: We reduce confidence of murderers

Umierov proposes to create international group to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine

Russia must participate in peace talks – Swiss foreign minister

World Economic Forum hosts meeting of advisers on Ukraine's Peace Formula – photo

Zelenskyy discusses Peace Formula with Pope

Ukraine's Peace Formula summit will not take place in 2023, Zelenskyy confirms

Russian Foreign Ministry on Zelenskyy's Peace Formula: Nothing to discuss on such terms

Ukrainian President's Office considers holding Peace Formula summit in 2024

European Commission President speaks out against frozen conflict in Ukraine

Armenia rejects Russia's claims to participate in meeting on Ukrainian Peace Formula

Vatican declares support for Ukrainian Peace Formula

Zelenskyy's Office explains why China will miss meeting in Malta

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry confirms no Chinese participation in Malta meeting

Coalition to help bring back children abducted by Russia is proposed at meeting in Malta

Ukraine's President's Office reveals results of 3rd Peace Formula meeting in Malta

Global majority is uniting around common and fair vision for Ukraine – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy: Ukraine's Peace Formula can become benchmark for resolving other conflicts

Armenia participates in Peace Formula meeting for first time

Third Peace Formula meeting with 65 countries present begins in Malta

Ukraine's peace formula: China to skip Malta meeting – Bloomberg

Ukraine's Peace Formula: Zelenskyy invites representative of Saudi Arabia to Malta