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30 tonnes of Ukrainian corn spilled from freight train in Poland will be disposed of

Monday, 26 February 2024, 18:33
30 tonnes of Ukrainian corn spilled from freight train in Poland will be disposed of
Photo: Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine

Ukrainian corn spilled on the night of 24-25 February near the Kotomierz railway station in Poland is being collected; however, 30 toтnуs will be disposed of. 

Source: Paweł Bylewski, representative of the security company providing transport security, in a comment to the Polish edition of, as reported by Interfax-Ukraine 

Details: "Eight of the 40 carriages were opened. Customs cables eight millimetres thick were cut. That’s how the cars' double side doors were opened," Bylewski said, explaining that when the doors were opened, half of the goods spilled out of the car.


Bylewsky stated that Ukrainian corn bound for the port of Gdansk was to be shipped to Morocco. About 160-180 tonnes were spilled to the ground, with 30 tonnes left there.

The corn will be collected, weighed at customs, and either disposed of or used to make biodiesel.

As of Monday, Polish police don't know who was behind this or when it happened.

Following consultation with a prosecutor, a criminal case was opened under Article 288 of the Republic of Poland's Criminal Code (destruction of property), according to reports.


  • A Ukrainian freight car carrying beans was damaged at around 09:00 on 24 February at the Polish Dorohusk railway station.
  • On the night of 24-25 February, Ukrainian grain exports suffered the most extensive damage since the beginning of the farmer protests in Poland, with the attackers damaging 160 tonnes of Ukrainian grain.
  • The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland demands those responsible for the latest incident involving spilled grain freight from Ukraine be punished, and urges Poland to prevent normalisation of such actions by protesters.

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