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Lithuania allocates over €300,000 as support for Ukrainian refugees

Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 17:10
Lithuania allocates over €300,000 as support for Ukrainian refugees
Stock photo: Getty Images

The Lithuanian government has agreed to additionally allocate EUR 326,000 for support for the refugees from Ukraine.

Source: TV3 media outlet

Details: EUR 304,000 will be spent in February 2024. Among them are EUR 160,000 for stationery social guidance, EUR 130,000 for one-time assistance for settling in a municipality and as compensation for a child’s education, and EUR 14,000 for institutional social care.


EUR 21,861 more will be allocated to compensate for the expenditures on the accommodation of Ukrainians incurred by the Republican Vilnius University Hospital in October-December 2023.


Lithuania provides Ukrainian refugees with temporary protection status. It gives them the right to education, medical insurance and permanent residence for one year, with the possibility of prolongation to the term of three years, access to the labour market and social aid. As of March 2023, around 42,000 Ukrainian refugees were registered in Lithuania.

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