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Ukraine to receive 152-mm shells worth €350 million from Netherlands

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 21:56
Ukraine to receive 152-mm shells worth €350 million from Netherlands
Flag of the Netherlands. Stock photo: Getty Images

The Netherlands has announced the shipment of 152-mm shells to Ukraine, costing more than €350 million, which will be funded by the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU).

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, as reported by European Pravda 

Details: The Dutch Defence Ministry stressed that the exact number of 152-mm shells and delivery time will not be reported for security reasons.


"But this is one of IFU's largest orders from the international arms industry," it added.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Ukraine acquired primarily 155-mm howitzer ammunition within the boundaries of earlier deliveries, but it also has a large number of 152-mm cannons.

The International Fund for Ukraine is an additional financial mechanism for Ukraine led by the UK Ministry of Defence, with participation from Australia, Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Lithuania, and Sweden.


These nine countries contributed over a billion euros to the IFU in total, with the Netherlands contributing €125 million.

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In February, Czech President Petr Pavel said that Czechia had found a way to acquire 800,000 (122mm and 155mm) shells for Ukraine outside the European Union and NATO structures.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive 50,000-100,000 large-calibre artillery shells a month under the Czech initiative.

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