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Matryoshka of Lies. Episode 0: Myth feat. Val Voshchevska and Mariam Naiem

— Friday, 17 May 2024, 13:50

In our season premiere, we challenge the propaganda narratives surrounding Russia. Ukrainian journalist and author Maksym Eristavi takes you on a journey to uncover the deeper story and expose serial imperial and colonial behavior.

We'll meet Ukrainian human rights advocate Val Voshchevska and imperialism researcher Mariam Naiem, who share their personal experiences and the stories passed down through generations.

Dive into "Matryoshka of Lies" with Maksym Eristavi, author of the illustrated guidebook "Russian Colonialism 101," and Ukrainska Pravda. Unveil the hidden truths and discover the power of untold indigenous stories.

This show is written by Yev Kopiika, produced by Alina Poliakova, mixed and sound design by Dmytro Volkovinskyi and Anastasiia Fedoskina, co-produced and narrated by Maksym Eristavi.

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Matryoshka of Lies

Ukraine's not the first. Russia's colonial grip has choked nations for centuries. Gaslighting, invading, erasing. But this time, the world is watching.

Dive into "Matryoshka of Lies" with Maksym Eristavi, a Ukrainian author, and Ukrainska Pravda. Unpack the myths, expose the truth. The empire will fall.