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Attack on Enerhodar: Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant worker killed

Occupiers open fire near Zaporizhzhia Combined Heat and Power Station: fatality reported

Scientists simulate spread of radiation in case of accident at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

If an accident happens at the nuclear power station, it will be necessary to evacuate about 400,000 people – head of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration

Occupiers seized another state enterprise in Enerhodar

Explosions heard in Enerhodar – mayor

Russian forces open fire near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant again, Enerhodar residents recommended to stay indoors

Russian troops fire rockets at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, sensors damaged – Energoatom

Rain halts evacuation from Enerhodar due to flooded roads

Explosion in front of hotel where Russian soldiers are stationed in occupied Enerhodar destroys Russian military equipment

Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate gathers information about Russian occupation forces in Enerhodar

Armed Forces of Ukraine execute high-precision attack on Russians near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant – intelligence

Russians want to bring armaments and military equipment to Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant power units – Energoatom

Russia fires at Nikopol from missile systems situated at Zaporizhzhia NPP – Energoatom

Ukrainian Security Service premises in Enerhodar seized by occupiers is attacked

The occupiers tortured the diver of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant to death - the mayor of Enerhodar

Enerhodar: the occupiers can completely cut off Ukrainian communications

Russians in Enerhodar are abducting people for money: the going rate is 50,000 hryvnias - mayor

Abduction of people by the occupiers in Enerhodar has reached the scale of a catastrophe - Mayor

Russians throw workers of the captured Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant into the basements - Mayor of Enerhodar

Russia wants to take control of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant from 1 September

In Enerhodar under occupation there is almost no internet, people are abducted, and apartments are robbed - mayor

Zaporizhzhia Oblast: the occupiers broke into the apartment of Mayor of Enerhodar

Enerhodar authorities seek the release of firefighter chief, and ask residents to refrain from protests

In Enerhodar State Emergency Service workers protested the abduction of their chief, the strike was dispersed

Occupying forces almost burn down a hotel in Energodar which they had made their "residence"

Enerhodar mayor urges authorities to rescue deputy from Russian captivity

Russians are preparing a fake news story about an alleged Ukrainian depot of explosives in Enerhodar - Regional Military Administration

Zaporizhzhia region: Russian occupying troops force men to enlist in army or "people’s militia"

In Enerhodar, Russians disperse a rally with mortar fire – there are wounded