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In Enerhodar under occupation there is almost no internet, people are abducted, and apartments are robbed - mayor

Sunday, 5 June 2022, 21:56
In Enerhodar under occupation there is almost no internet, people are abducted, and apartments are robbed - mayor


Dmytro Orlov, the Mayor of Enerhodar, said that the Russian occupiers were abducting people in the city, looting empty apartments, and that there was almost no internet connection in the city.

Source: Orlov’s Telegram channel


Quote from Orlov: "4 June marked exactly three months since the city of Enerhodar came under occupation. The brief results are as follows.

Physical and psychological pressure on citizens has increased. The number of abductions of locals has increased significantly. Not only activists, but participants in Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation [known since 2018 as the Joint Forces Operation] and those who resisted at the checkpoint during the capture of Enerhodar are thrown into the basements. Now it is impossible to trace any logic behind the abductions, because there is none. Ordinary citizens who do not belong to the above categories are taken into captivity. People have been held captive for weeks.

Cases of looting have increased. Mostly it is empty apartments [that are robbed], the owners of which left the city. Valuables are taken out of the apartments. Looters take whatever they like. The doors are just broken down."


Details: The mayor said that the occupied city of Enerhodar has almost no internet connection, which also affects the possibility of making non-cash payments via terminals in stores. In addition, it is also almost impossible to transfer funds from card to card through Privat24 [online application of the State PrivatBank], because the communication signal is almost non-existent. According to Orlov, even if there is a signal, you have to wait more than 15 minutes until the transaction is approved. That's why people stand in long lines to get into shops.

There are almost no hryvnias in cash left in the city. Instead, exchange offices with rubles are gradually appearing in Enerhodar. There are offers to withdraw cash, but a large percentage fee is charged.

According to Orlov, prices for household products, hygiene products and food are "sky-high". Only seasonal vegetables and fruits are sold cheaply, as there are no alternative markets.

Russian-made medicines were delivered to the city, but they are sold in open-air outlets under the scorching sun, in violation of all security measures. Therefore, the residents of Enerhodar are still looking for an opportunity to buy Ukrainian medicines.

The Russian occupiers cannot solve the shortage of personnel for the occupation administration. Due to failures in meeting the humanitarian needs of the population, even those citizens who had a neutral attitude to the invaders in the beginning are starting to show dissatisfaction with the Russian occupation. 


  • In late May, unknown people blew up the entrance hall where collaborator Andrii Shevchyk lives, who heads Enerhodar's occupation administration. 
  • The Russian occupiers abducted the chief of the emergency services, and as a result all fire department employees of the city went on protest. 
  • According to Orlov, the Russians have been holding his deputy Ivan Samoidiuk, who has health problems, captive for several months.
  • The invaders are forcibly sending men in the occupied city of Enerhodar to the military registration and enlistment offices and the "people's militia".
  • Since the beginning of the occupation of Enerhodar, residents have repeatedly rallied against the Russian occupation, but the occupiers have dispersed peaceful demonstrations, sometimes with heavy weapons.