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Revolution of Dignity

Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe worried that Ukrainian Euromaidan cases are still under consideration after 10 years

European Commission President honours Heavenly Hundred Heroes: Ukraine will prevail and be in the EU

Revolution of Dignity participants killed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers under Russian influence – investigation

Dispersing Maidan protesters: court closes case of two former security forces members due to expiration of statute of limitations

Polish President promises support to Ukraine on its way to NATO and EU on Euromaidan anniversary

Statue of limitation may expire in 60 Euromaidan cases without a verdict

Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office appeals sentences for Berkut officers in Maidan shootings case

Сourt sentences five Berkut officers in Maidan shootings case

Maidan cases: Investigation reveals influence of Russian special services on Ukraine's Security Service

Prosecutors expose ex-intelligence officer while studying Russia's trail in crimes against Maidan protesters

6 police officers who shot at unarmed protesters in 2014 to be tried

Murder of Heavenly Hundred: Law enforcement officers complete investigation of Maidan case

US diplomat: Russian proxies and oligarchs block Ukraine's European integration

Ballistic Tests Prove Berkut Officers Involvement in Maidan Killings

Sviatoshynskyi District Court in Kyiv completed the study of ballistic tests in the case of five ex-Berkut officers accused of killing of 48 Maidan protesters.

Prosecutor General: Maidan Protesters Were Shot by Berkut Weapons

An investigation has proved that a number of bullets which struck Maidan protesters in Kyiv were shot from the weapons of the ‘Berkut’ special riot police.

Cases to be Opened against Judges for Prosecution of Maidan Activists

The High Council of Justice is to open disciplinary cases against judges of Pecherskyi and Shevchenkivskyi District Courts in Kyiv Oksana Tsarevych and Valentyna Malinovska, alleging they prosecuted Maidan activists.