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Revolution of Dignity participants killed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers under Russian influence – investigation

Monday, 19 February 2024, 13:43
Revolution of Dignity participants killed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers under Russian influence – investigation
Photo: Radio Freedom

All violent crimes and murders of participants of the Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014 were committed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers on the orders of the-then Ukrainian government heavily influenced by the Russian Federation. (The Revolution of Dignity took place in Ukraine in February 2014, at the end of the Euromaidan protests, when deadly clashes between protesters and state forces in the capital Kyiv culminated in the ousting of elected President Viktor Yanukovych and the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war).

Source: Oleksii Donskyi, Head of the Maidan Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, at a briefing in Kyiv on 20 February, quoted by Interfax-Ukraine

Quote: "If someone would like to hear that there were Russian snipers, Russian law enforcement officers on Maidan (Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) is a place in Kyiv where the Revolution of Dignity took place) – there is no such thing. This is a beautiful version that is not based on real facts. It was Ukrainian law enforcement officers who were killing and committing violent crimes, and they were receiving instructions from the Ukrainian authorities."


Details: Donskyi said that the crimes were indeed committed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers, but "Russia had a huge influence on these decisions, on the entire course of events that took place during the Revolution of Dignity".

The representative of the Office of the Prosecutor General stressed that specific factors of this influence are part of the evidence that will be presented in court.

Speaking about the impact on the organisers of lower and medium-level crimes, Donskyi mentioned the suspicion of 20 FSB officers and Security Service of Ukraine officers "who jointly interacted in information activities".

Quote: "This was not purely propaganda activity but, in fact, a way to legitimise the illegal actions organised by the Ukrainian authorities and committed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers.

A total of 20 FSB officers, including five generals, travelled to Ukraine several times and, together with the SSU, produced relevant information materials that became the basis for committing certain criminal acts."

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