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Ukrainian authorities have conducted an "86 for 86" prisoner exchange

Three humanitarian corridors are scheduled for 30 March, all in the Zaporizhzhia region

No humanitarian corridors on Monday: intelligence warns of provocation by the invaders

155 people have been evacuated from shelters in Rubizhne despite the shelling - Iryna Vereshchuk

Ukraine demands the UN introduce a special mission in the exclusion zone

5,000 more people have been evacuated through humanitarian corridors including from Borodyanka

Ukraine presses the ICRC to obtain lists of deported Mariupol residents from Russia

3343 people evacuated through humanitarian corridors on 24 March

Rubber corridors: 4.5 thousand people were evacuated in one day, the aggressors blocked the column in Zaporizhzhia

We demand ICRC and UN to assist with releasing the drivers and rescuers captured by Russian forces - Iryna Vereshchuk

More than a thousand residents of Mariupol evacuated from Berdiansk to Zaporizhzhia in a day

Iryna Vereshchuk unsure what Hungary’s Viktor Orbán wants in exchange for Russia’s good will: cheap gas or Zakarpattya region

Vereshchuk to the Russian Federation: Surrender of Mariupol is out of the question. You must open the corridor

4 out of 7 humanitarian corridors have worked, over 7,000 people have been evacuated - Iryna Vereshchuk

The aggressors shelled the approved humanitarian corridor near Kharkiv - Vereshchuk

National Information Bureau has been set up in Ukraine to deal with issues concerning Ukrainian Armed Forces military personnel and the invaders

Iryna Vereshchuk: almost 29,000 people evacuated from seized cities on 15 March

Vereschuk: Mariupol evacuation yet to begin

Mariupol: Russians allow 160 private cars through corridor just for show, says Vereshchuk

Russian POWs will be exchanged or left in Ukraine - Vereshchuk

Almost 13,000 Ukrainians were evacuated on 12 March

It was impossible to evacuate people in 6 corridors on Friday - Iryna Vereshchuk

Nobody has been evacuated from Mariupol – Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister

No humanitarian aid has reached Mariupol. City completely cut off

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister upbraided the Red Cross for its fear of Russia

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, Iryna Vereshchuk, says the International Committee of the Red Cross, which is supposed to help secure humanitarian corridors, is not fulfilling its main purpose for fear of Russia.

Ukrainian authorities refuse to “evacuate” Ukrainians to Russia, insist on alternative routes

Ukraine called the "evacuation" of people to Russia and Belarus proposed by the aggressor state unacceptable and demanded that they support evacuation routes from Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhia to the western regions of Ukraine.

David Arahamiya: "The least we can expect is humanitarian corridors"

One of the members of the Ukrainian delegation, David Arahamiya, has said that the meeting with the Russian delegation will begin in two hours. The very least that Ukraine expects is the arrangement of humanitarian corridors.

Vereshchuk calls on international organisations to help in Donbass: Speak up on what is in your way