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Kyiv offers to exchange severely wounded servicemen from Azovstal for captured Russians

Deputy Prime Minister: All women, children, and elderly evacuated from Azovstal

50 civilians were evacuated from Azovstal - Vereshchuk

Deputy Prime Minister: Mariupol evacuation to take place on Friday, 6 May

More than 300 people evacuated as part of Mariupol humanitarian corridor

14 Ukrainians return home in a prisoner exchange, including 1 pregnant woman

Ukraine carries out latest prisoner exchange: 45 Ukrainians are rescued

Deputy PM: Humanitarian corridor from Mariupol might operate on Saturday

Russians pretend not to see the difference between evacuation and capture - Vereshchuk

Deputy PM: Civilians could not be evacuated from Mariupol on 21 April

19 Ukrainians rescued from Russian captivity in second POW exchange this week

The fifth exchange of prisoners of war has been carried out: 76 Ukrainians return home

Third day with no humanitarian corridors

Vereshchuk demands that Russia organise a corridor for the civilian population of Mariupol

The evacuation has not been agreed, Kyiv asks for a special corridor to evacuate the wounded from Mariupol

Ukraine-Russia prisoner exchange: 30 Ukrainians to return home

9 humanitarian corridors agreed for Thursday, 14 April

No humanitarian corridors on Wednesday. Evacuation buses blocked in Zaporizhzhia region

Over 6,500 people evacuated through humanitarian corridors

More than 4,600 people evacuated through humanitarian corridors, buses go to Melitopol

Almost 5,000 people evacuated through humanitarian corridors

The Russian occupiers are taking massive numbers of civilians hostage — Vereshchuk

11 humanitarian corridors agreed for Wednesday 6 April

Losses from Russian invasion: $68 billion direct losses and $600 billion indirect losses

More than 3,800 people evacuated through humanitarian corridors, almost half of them from Mariupol

We hope to evacuate women and children from Mariupol along with Turkish citizens - Iryna Vereshchuk

Iryna Vereshchuk: About 600 Russians held prisoner in Ukraine

Evacuations from Mariupol and Luhansk will be attempted on Monday

11 Ukrainian village heads held in Russian captivity

Authorities will try to get people out of Mariupol and Luhansk Region on 3 April