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Ukraine plans to set up shelter for people coming back through humanitarian corridor on Belarusian border

Ukraine's Deputy PM asks Ukrainians to leave Crimea and wait for liberation

Ukraine's Deputy PM: Road to victory will be long, let's not think about life after it

Ukraine's Reintegration Minister says it's possible to leave Russian-occupied territories through Sumy Oblast and Belarus

Deputy Prime Minister outraged by discussion about whether or not to accept Russian passports in occupation

Ukraine’s Human Rights Commissioner in disagreement with Deputy Prime Minister over Ukrainian citizens in occupied territories obtaining Russian passports

Ukraine's Deputy PM suggests way to bring back all orphans: at Russia-EU border

Six thousand civilians still remain in Bakhmut

Russians prepare terrorist attacks in churches in occupied territories for Christmas – Minister

Russia’s FSB requests arrest of Ukrainian officials Vereshchuk and Dzhaparova in absentia

Ukraine is trying to bring back 32 deported children to their parents – Vereshchuk

Over 2,000 Ukrainian children illegally taken to Russia

Ukraine’s government approves ​​punishment for civil servants who force Russian passport upon citizens

Cabinet of Ministers prepares draft law on criminal liability for holding Russian passport

Ukraine requests humanitarian corridor for residents of occupied territories near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Deputy Prime Minister on when evacuees will be able to return home

First letters from POWs arrive in Ukraine – Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories

Minister Vereshchuk names Ukrainian oblasts where mandatory evacuation to take place

Ukraine has brought 53 children back from Russia – Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories

Iryna Vereshchuk to Kherson residents: Please evacuate, we need to save you from Russian invaders

More than 130 women from Azovstal are in Russian captivity – Vereshchuk

Mandatory evacuation will take place from other regions as well as Donetsk – Minister of Reintegration

Deputy Prime Minister on Amnesty International report: Ukrainian Armed Forces repeatedly call for evacuation of civilians

Ukraine starts mandatory evacuation of people from Donetsk region

Vereshchuk asks people to leave occupied Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts: there will be fighting

Vereshchuk urges residents of Kherson region to leave through occupied Crimea

Ukrainian government reports on how many Ukrainians have already been deported to Russia

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine gives advice to residents of Russian-occupied territories 

Iryna Vereshchuk asks commentators not to exaggerate world leaders’ influence on talks concerning Azovstal

"Very difficult negotiations": Vereshchuk asks others not to interfere with evacuation of fighters from Azovstal