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Vereschuk: Mariupol evacuation yet to begin

Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 13:18

Roman Kravets – Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 14:18

Humanitarian aid has still not reached the city of Mariupol in the Donetsk region. The evacuation corridors for civilians have not been operating either.

Source: Iryna Vereschuk, Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, in a comment for Ukrainska Pravda


According to Vereschuk: "Not yet. They continue to play by their rules from 2014."

Background: On 14 March, Russian troops only allowed 160 private vehicles to leave Mariupol. These have now reached Berdyansk.

On the morning of 15 March, Pablo Kyrylenko, Head of the Donetsk Military Administration, reported that the humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians with private vehicles has started its work.