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Ukraine's foreign affairs minister urges OSCE to help with return of deported children and civilian captives from Russia

Israel offers ceasefire to Hamas for hostage release – Axios

Israel confirms that Hamas released 12 more hostages

Hamas sets free 11 more Israeli hostages

Hamas releases second group of Israeli hostages

First group of Israeli hostage leaves Gaza Strip

EU reiterates call for immediate humanitarian pause in Gaza Strip and release of hostages

Hamas says it is ready to release hostages

Russia holds over 20,000 civilians hostage, number to increase after liberation

Occupiers kidnapped the secretary of the Oleshky City Council in the Kherson region

Zelenskyy: Medics and wounded to be evacuated from Azovstal

Ukraine carries out latest prisoner exchange: 45 Ukrainians are rescued

The fifth exchange of prisoners of war has been carried out: 76 Ukrainians return home

The Russian occupiers are taking massive numbers of civilians hostage — Vereshchuk

We demand ICRC and UN to assist with releasing the drivers and rescuers captured by Russian forces - Iryna Vereshchuk

ORDLO Confirms Keeping 47 Hostages

The ORDLO militants confirmed that they continue detaining 42 hostages in Donetsk and five in Luhansk.

Savchenko on Hunger Strike Again

Batkivshchyna MP Nadiya Savchenko announced she was on hunger strike again, to protest against the ‘lack of action of the authorities and the international community’ regarding the release of Ukrainian hostages during a press conference on Tuesday, August 2.

Herashchenko: Militants Refuse Prisoner Exchange Offer

Representatives of the unrecognized “people’s republic” in Donetsk oblast turned down a Ukrainian offer of a prisoner exchange.

Amnesty of 600 Militants is Requested to Free the Ukrainian POWs

President Poroshenko’s Envoy on Peace Plan for the Occupied Donbas Iryna Herashchenko stresses that the militants are blocking release of the Ukrainian citizens held hostages by them and require amnesty of the gross criminals.

Tandyt: Ukraine Negotiating the Release of 25 Hostages

Ukraine is negotiating the speedy release of 25 Ukrainian hostages.

Without Any Chance. Afanasiev and Soloshenko on How Russian FSB Breaks Its Captives

I ask the conductor: "And if there’s a fire in the cabin-you’ll open the bars for us to jump?" He replies "No, its’ easier for me to write you off, than try and sort out where you all rand off to." (ukr.)