Social media accounts of opposition leaders press secretaries Klitschko, Lutsenko, and Tymoshenko hacked

Вторник, 26 ноября 2013, 18:23

Email accounts and social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook of the press secretary of  Yuriya Lutsenko – Laryssa Sargan - were hacked, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

"Status 11:45 my electronic accounts in the social media are not active. I call on to consider all status updates as off this time as not valid", she added.

Moreover, she stressed that all information she had spread about hunger strike of Lutsenko to consider as false.

"The information on a hunger strike is false. At the moment Lutsenko has joined the students of Kyiv-MohylaAcademy and is marching towards the Red University Building of Shevchenko University."- Laryssa added.

Social media accounts of Vitaliy Klitchko in Facebook and Vkontakte and the official site of Party Udar have been hacked as well.

"In the morning the hotline was damaged, recently the main Party website and again Klitchko Facebook account." The last update is fake on his Facebook page. We strongly invite not to republish those updates, – said a press secretary of Klitchko – Oksana Zinovyeva.

The email accounts and Facebook page of press secretary of Yulia Tymoshenko – Marina Soroka was broken into as well, she added.

"I appeal to the colleagues and followers to consider all the information that appeared after 13:14 as false and that we personally have nothing do to with."

"I am convinced that hackers who work for the people in power would very much like to spread false information about Yulia Tymoschenko and updates on #eromaidan", she added.

Earlier on Monday the account of Udar activist Vitaliy Kovalchuk was hacked too.

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