Arbuzov has assured that the results of Vilnius Summit will be positive.

Четверг, 28 ноября 2013, 19:15

"Ukraine is ready to continue the negotiations with the EU and expects that the talks will clear out the further cooperation" – said Sergiy Arbuzov, first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, at the session of Business Forum in Vilnius.  

He also hopes negotiations with the European Comissioner Fule will have positive outcomes.

"I am sure that we will have a very good conversation today with Mr. Fule. We will reach a consensus and prepare a plan. I am sure that the results of tomorrow’s summit will be positive" – assured the Vice Prime Minister.

Answering the question later, Arbuzov specified that during the current year he had been personally involved in the preparation of signing the Association Agreement:

"I have many times visited Brussels and met my colleagues. And today we keep looking for common solutions. I am here today to take the floor at the Forum, meet my counterparts and reach the consensus in order to propose the sound decision tomorrow at the Vilnius Summit".

"It will clearly be positive, since our determination is obvious. We will come with approaches; we will find a model to make our decision balanced. We have to do it. It is our fate and our choice" – said Mr. Arbuzov.

Answering the question about the Russia’s role for Ukraine and its Association Agreement, he suggested that Ukraine has to take into consideration the opinions of all its partners:

"Assessing the situation, we must look into the list of all our trade partners" – clarified Mr. Arbuzov.

 "We have been constantly estimating the situation: at the moments of making decisions, during preparations for signing and today. Therefore we have taken into our consideration both the features of our economy as well as trade and economic relations of our state" – added Mr. Arbuzov.

According to the words of the minister, the decision to postpone the signing of Agreement was taken since consensus about the neutralization of Ukrainian risks had not been reached  during numerous meetings in Brussels.

Nevertheless, he assured that his presence in Vilnius "means that we keep on working; we are ready to further estimate the risks, look for a decisions which would balance the social and economic situations in our state."

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