Odesa Meeting of Opposition Bloc and Polish Politicians Disrupted

Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 14:07

About 50 young people are blocking the Geneva Hotel in Odesa, to prevent a meeting of Opposition Bloc deputies and Polish politicians from the Zmiana party, Ukrayinski Novyny report from the site.

Some of the people who are blocking the meeting introduced themselves as members of the Avtomaidan civic organization. They explain their actions as the wish to prevent laying flowers by Opposition Bloc deputies and their Polish colleagues in memory of the people who died during the clashes in Odesa on May 2, 2014.

The Oberig organization that also participates in the disruption reported on Facebook that the Polish delegation includes a member of the Zmiana party, whose leader Mateusz Piskorski was an ‘observer’ during the so-called referendum in Crimea, supports the annexation, and has repeated the Kremlin’s rhetoric about Ukraine.

Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Odesa Wiesław Mazur arrived on site, but later left, according to the information of Avtomaidan Odesa.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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Для повної картини треба додати, що в Одесі швидше за все присутні майже всі члени цієї партийочки, бо вона абсолютно невідома в Польщі, поширює її тільки роспропаганда. Всі хто їх знає, розуміє, що це клоуни. Їх шеф Піскорський недавно був арештований за шпигунство, сидить зараз в СІЗО. Словом, не думаю, що консул дуже за них там старався, він просто приїхав для галочки і відбув :)
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