Odesa Customs Chief Files Two Suits against State Fiscal Service Chief

Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 16:04

Yulia Marushevska, Chief of Odesa Oblast Customs, has submitted two suits against the Chief of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov, she reported on her Facebook page.

The first suit concerns violations in selecting managers of Odesa Customs, she told. She asserts that the selection commission was composed in a way to support corruption in Odesa customs.

"This is an abuse of power. Nasirov is simply afraid of new people in the customs service," she claimed.

Another suit concerns the ban on disciplinary proceedings against the most controversial customs officers that Nasirov imposed on Odesa Oblast authorities.

She highlights that during the last months multiple violations committed by customs managers were identified. "And now Nasirov wants to deprive us of the possibility to appoint new staff, to document violations. Instead, Nasirov will ‘send us his accomplices’," Marushevska stressed.

Source: Olena Roshchenko, Ukrayinska Pravda

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IP: 95.132.71.---kerubino13.07.2016 18:36
Ніхто його не звільнить і ніякий суд не посадить ,бо через нього ідуть грошові потоки нашоі злодійськоі влади .
IP: 91.234.76.---Mesnik1513.07.2016 18:01
А чому мовчать комітети Верховної зради? Чому мовчить Гройсман? Чому мовчить хренпрокурор Луценко? Куди в нас вже поділось НАБУ?
Повний бєспрєдєл. Нові загальні вибори резидента та Верховної зради! Тільки так! Іншого шляху нема!
IP: 109.251.152.---Артем Лютий13.07.2016 16:40
Коли вже цей покидьок всіреться та згине з наших очей ?
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