Boryspil City Council Bans Cross Procession From the City

Friday, 22 July 2016, 18:36

Boryspil City Council during the extraordinary session on Friday banned the Cross Procession of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate from entering the city and reported this on Facebook.

With the same decision the council asked law enforcement agencies to ensure the law and order in the city and the safety of its residents.

Sides supporting and opposing this decision clashed during the session. Supporters were local priests of the Moscow Patriarchate, opposers were veterans of Donbas War, volunteers and representatives of the local communities. "The session was controversial and highly emotional," — states Boryspil City Council.

Earlier Ukrainian Defence Ministry stated that the cross procession includes saboteurs acting in the interests of Russia.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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IP: 94.179.42.---Shylc22.07.2016 21:34
Правильно зробили, хай звиздують по окружній, до аеропорта і так не доїхати через 15 світлофорів.
IP: 92.112.229.---sensor+222.07.2016 20:47
Рады всех городов через которые должно пройти окупационное шоу должны так поступить.
IP: 193.93.187.---dnipro22.07.2016 19:27
правильно, на законодавчому рівні.
IP: 195.138.81.---Kotia22.07.2016 19:02
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