Two Police Officers Killed in Ternopil Oblast

Tuesday, 23 August 2016, 10:33

On Monday night, August 23, a man from Babyntsi village in Borschiv district of Ternopil oblast shot and killed two policemen, the press service of the oblast police reports.

According to the statement, at 8:30pm a police unit from Borschiv police station were called to Babyntsi village. A local citizen called the police and told them his neighbor was shooting from a hunting gun in his yard.

"When the police unit arrived, the armed man kept shooting his gun. As a result, one policeman died and another was wounded. During the arrest of the armed attacker, another policeman was seriously wounded," the statement says.

"Policemen had to use their service weapons. The attacker was killed."

Police informed later that the police officers killed on duty were major Oleksandr Rudyk (30) and captain Andriy Cherniatynskyi (31). The oblast police office announced a day of mourning in relation to the tragedy and lowered the national flag.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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IP: 46.118.248.---haus23.08.2016 12:09
Царствіє Небесне обом справжнім українцям, що віддали життя, захищаючі інших! Земля пухом...
IP: 176.115.97.---informer23.08.2016 11:41
когда наших полицейских научат правильно работать с людьми, у которых в руках оружие?

какой-то олень умудрился застрелить двух профессионально (или не очень) подготовленных полицейских

это как в тернополе три месяца назад - обычные прохиндеи воровали батареи - за ними погнались полицейские - так они полицейских покалечили, ранили и оружие забрали
IP: 109.162.121.---solomensky23.08.2016 11:09
Шкода усіх загиблих (дарма, що ментів як не любив, так й досі їм не довіряю). Але, якби два роки тому одне конкретне падло почало би турбуватися за людей та країну, а не виключно за свое власне збагачення, то і цих й багатьох інших смертей можна було б уникнути...
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