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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russia spreads fake news that Russian nuclear experts are allegedly detained at Rivne NPP

Friday, 25 March 2022, 01:00

Friday, March 25, 2022, 02:00

Russia is spreading disinformation to the IAEA about the alleged detention of Russian nuclear experts at the Rivne nuclear power plant.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine’s website


Quote: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine notes the following. There are not and have not been any Russian nuclear specialists at the Rivne nuclear power plant (NPP). Four armed Russian citizens accompanied the nuclear fuel cargo that arrived at the nuclear power plant prior to 24 February 2022. They provided security from its arrival until the completion of unloading in accordance with the terms of the contract."

"After the cargo was handed over to the Ukrainian side on 23 March, the disarmed Russian citizens left the Rivne NPP premises."

Details: As noted, the Russians are now staying in a hotel of their own free will and have not yet expressed any desire to return to Russia.


Should the plans of the Russian citizens change, the Ukrainian side is ready to assist them in returning to Russia in accordance with existing procedures.