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Ukrainian Defence Minister: "Victory is imminent"

Friday, 4 March 2022, 08:51
Ukrainian Defence Minister: Victory is imminent


Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov is convinced that a breakthrough in the Russian-Ukrainian war is coming, and that victory for Ukraine is imminent.

Source: Reznikov on Facebook


Quote: "In these hours and days there is a turning point in the situation. Times of breakthrough require us to be collected and to exercise special concentration.

Our Ukrainian defenders have stopped the enemy in most directions. In some areas the Ukrainian Armed Forces have carried out counterattacks. 

After 8 days of war, the losses of the Russian army have exceeded 10,000 killed and wounded. The  "elimination" of at least one Russian general has been confirmed. Russian society is beginning to feel and acknowledge these losses.


The Ukrainian Armed Forces have received almost more tanks and armoured vehicles as trophies than they had received in the last 8 years from the Ukrainian defence industry.

Many difficult decisions have been made these past days. We had to manoeuvre to save the army. But we will get all of our land back.

I understand perfectly that everyone is tired, many people are exhausted and shocked by losses. There is still a very difficult period ahead. We need a lot of strength and endurance."

Details: Reznikov praised Ukrainians for their strength, and stated that the enemy is now confused and scared.

According to Minister Reznikov, victory is inevitably approaching.