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Ministry of Defence

60 samples of weapons and military equipment approved in February for operation in Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukraine's Defence Ministry concludes first direct contract with Swedish defence company

Ukraine's defence plan for 2024 is ready, it will bring results

Russians attack 79 infrastructure facilities in 10 Ukraine's oblasts over past day

Ukrainian Defence Ministry official detained due to corruption – photo

Ukraine's Defence Minister outlines lessons learnt in Battle for Avdiivka

Drone coalition officially launched – Ukrainian Defence Minister

Ukraine's Defence Ministry reveals details on joint Ukraine-NATO centre in Poland

Ukraine's Defence Ministry prepares new mechanism to ensure no army procurement scandals in the future

Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau busts overpriced food procurement scheme in Defence Ministry – photo

Zelenskyy: Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief and Defence Minister visit frontline hotspots

Ukraine's Defence Ministry adopts draft National Mine Action Strategy to 2033

Records of military property can now be kept digitally – Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Government dismisses First Deputy Defence Minister Pavliuk as he is "leaving for new position"

Russia is rearming fast and can attack NATO in 3-5 years – Danish Defence Minister

Ministry of Digital Development and Ministry of Defenсe working on electronic military ticket

Defence Ministry anticipates new opportunities with creation of Drone Forces

Pre-trial restriction chosen for Ukrainian Defence Ministry official suspected of embezzling US$39 million

Embezzlement of US$39 million case: defendant from Defence Ministry says he is ready to take lie detector test to prove his innocence

Embezzlement of US$39 million case: Ukraine's Defence Minister suspends chief of military and technical policy department

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers submits draft law on mobilisation to Parliament

Embezzlement of $39 million: Defence Ministry officials and Lviv Arsenal managers exposed – photo

US$38 million embezzlement attempt thwarted in artillery shells procurement for Ukrainian forces

New mobilisation bill not yet submitted to Ukrainian Parliament

Ukraine's Defence Ministry investigates information on Il-76 aircraft crash

Representatives of Ukraine and US conduct first joint inspection of provided weapons

Inspection reveals poor-quality food being supplied to military in Ukraine's east – photo

Defence Ministry on why Minister Umierov postponed his trip to France

Ukraine's Defence Ministry comments on re-introduction of mobilisation draft law in Parliament

Defence Ministry says it is ready to introduce a new version of the draft law on mobilisation