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Ukrainian Army has destroyed $3 billion worth of Russian military equipment – Forbes

Saturday, 5 March 2022, 15:12

Saturday, 5 March 2022, 15:55

According to an assessment by Forbes Ukraine, since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian army has destroyed Russian military equipment worth roughly 331.2 billion RUB or 3 billion USD. 

This equipment includes 33 planes, 37 helicopters, 251 tanks, and 939 armoured combat vehicles. Destroyed tanks cost Russia 1 billion USD, and .06 billion USD for armoured combat vehicles. Destroyed planes and helicopters add up to 1.1 billion USD. 


This cost is approximate: Forbes used open source information to estimate the cost per unit, e.g. the cost of a tank was estimated at $4 million– the price of a Russian tank supplied to Algeria in 2006.  

As of yet, it is unknown which specific Russian planes were destroyed. Among those used by the Russian Federation are the Su-25 ($11 million), Su-30 ($33 million), and the Su-34 ($36 million). The Ukrainian Armed Forces also destroyed two large Il-76 landing aircrafts near the towns of Valkovo and Kropyvnytsky. Each is worth $86 million.