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Missiles which hit Vinnytsia were not launched from the Transnistria Ministry of Defence of Moldova

Sunday, 6 March 2022, 16:03


Eight missiles which earlier hit a civilian airport in Vinnytsia were launched not from Russian-occupied Transnistria, but from the Black Sea. Information about a missile attack from the occupied part of Moldova is false, as "European Pravda" has been told by Moldova’s Ministry of Defence.

"The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Moldova denies the launch of missiles hitting the Vinnytsia airport from the Transnistrian territory to the territory of Ukraine," the statement said.


This information is also confirmed by EuroPravda's sources in the Moldovan leadership, who also reviewed the information on their behalf.

"There have never been any types of cruise missiles in Transnistria. In Transnistria there are only Grad multiple rocket launchers with a range of 20 km," said one of the sources.

Representatives of Moldova are convinced that the missiles were launched from Russian ships in the Black Sea. This is possible considering the range of the Iskander missiles. However, the missile launch route through Vinnytsia did run over Transnistria, a territory occupied by Russia since 1992.

Earlier: 8 missiles were launched by Russian occupying forces, targeting a military facility in Havrishivka near Vinnytsia on March 6.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Vinnytsia airport was destroyed.

According to the Department of Emergencies, a fire broke out in a fuel and lubricants warehouse at the airport. In addition, the administrative building was destroyed. Rescuers pulled four people from the rubble, one of whom died.

 Before the start of the full-scale war, European Pravda analysed the combat effectiveness of Russian troops in Transnistria. Read more detail on this in the article "Moldovan threat": is it possible for Russia to attack Ukraine from Transnistria.