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"We had one tank left out of ten, and we broke it ourselves" - occupiers’ conversation intercepted by SSU

Monday, 2 May 2022, 18:52
We had one tank left out of ten, and we broke it ourselves - occupiers’ conversation intercepted by SSU


The Security Service of Ukraine has evidence that the Russian occupiers are breaking their own equipment in order not to fight with Ukrainian defenders.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine press centre


Details: This is evidenced by new telephone conversations between the invaders which were intercepted by the special services.

On the released recording, the occupier says that his regiment has suffered many losses and that the soldiers had broken the only tank which remained intact to avoid going to the front.

The young invader explained that out of the ten tanks his unit had at the beginning of the war, only one tank was left - and they had broken it on purpose.


"Well, thank God for that! Take it apart, hand it over for scrap metal, and stay safe", his father advises him.

Background: According to the latest data from the General Staff, Ukrainian defenders have destroyed more than a thousand enemy tanks.