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A plague has begun in fish and dolphin populations in Mariupol; threat of epidemic in the city - the mayor's adviser

Thursday, 2 June 2022, 15:02

Mykhailo Zahorodnii, Ukrainska Pravda.Zhyttia —  THURSDAY, 2 JUNE 2022

Mass deaths of fish and dolphins have begun to be recorded in the sea near occupied Mariupol.

This indicates the spread of disease in the water near the city, said Petro Andriushchenko, the mayor's adviser.


According to him, such large numbers of ill fish are typical for Mariupol in July, when the air temperature reaches its highest.

"An epidemic is no longer just a threat, but a reality. Such phenomena are typical for the Azov Sea during abnormal heat in July. Given the temperature and season, the first signs of illness in the fish can only indicate the presence of the disease in seawater," Andriushchenko said.

According to the mayor, the sea is now one of the few places of hygiene for Mariupol residents, so the threat of epidemics has become real, not just something to be warned of.

In addition, due to their inability to remove garbage, the occupiers have begun dumping it right in the middle of the streets and in the yards of apartment buildings.

"The occupiers are actually transporting and dumping garbage in amongst buildings. The consequences, given the weather, are clear - the stench, manure, spreading through the streets.

One interesting detail is that this landfill site is located 100 metres from the humanitarian headquarters of the Yedinaya Rossiya [United Russia party]," he said.

According to Andriushchenko, the risks of an epidemic are increased by the reopening of the old landfill on Flotskaya Street, which was closed because the citywide sewer underneath it was at risk of collapse.

Construction waste has already been transported there, which also poses an additional threat of collapse.

Andriushchenko warns if the collector sewer is damaged, sewage will end up not outside the city, but in the Prymorskyi raion [district] of Mariupol. In that case, an outbreak of disease would occur in a matter of weeks, if not days.