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Russian invaders cause 1 trillion hryvnias in damage to Ukraine’s environment – Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources

Thursday, 1 September 2022, 18:42


Experts have estimated the environmental impact of the damage to the air, land and water quality and of the toxic pollution caused by the weapons used in the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. 

The estimated amount of damage caused by the Russian occupiers to Ukraine’s environment is more than UAH 962 billion [equivalent to US$26 billion]. 


The release of pollutants into the air alone reaches UAH 823 billion [equivalent to US$22 billion] in damages, as reported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

The estimated damage to soil and lands exceeds UAH 138 billion [equivalent to US$3.7 billion], and chemical threats and damage to forests and vegetation amount to approximately UAH 183.2 billion [equivalent to US$5 billion]. 

"As a result of the full-scale invasion by the Russians, almost a third of the entire forested area of Ukraine has been affected. The number of forest fires has increased dramatically", said Ruslan Strilets, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

Last year in Ukraine there was only one large fire with an area greater than five hectares. So far this year, we’ve already had more than 100 fires of this magnitude! 


"20% of protected areas are now affected by this war. The threatened zone includes 9 million hectares of territories that are part of the Emerald Network [network of Areas of Special Conservation Interest set up by the Council of Europe] and 17 Ramsar sites [an international Convention on Wetlands] with an area of more than 600 thousand hectares",  the Minister reported. 

The Russians have also occupied 8 Ukrainian nature reserves and 12 national nature parks. 

"The Russian Federation has demonstrated what life is like under Russian occupation. Almost 80% of the territory of the Holy Mountains National Nature Park was destroyed. In May, the Kinburn Spit burned for a whole week due to the fighting. Relict forests have been destroyed by fire."

There is currently a humanitarian crisis in occupied Askania Nova. And this list goes on" the Strilets added.


In general, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine team confirmed more than 2 thousand acts of environmental damage during the six months of this war. 

"There will be additional research and calculations of losses to Ukrainian forests, the Black and Azov seas, mineral resources, the nature reserve fund, etc.", said the Minister.

The Ministry promises to continue calculating losses of natural resources from Russian aggression. 

"We clearly understand that this is important for the filing of lawsuits against Russia and the receipt by the Ukrainian people of compensation for environmental damage", notes Ruslan Strilets.

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