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NASAMS and Aspide anti-aircraft systems arrive in Ukraine

Monday, 7 November 2022, 11:59
NASAMS and Aspide anti-aircraft systems arrive in Ukraine

Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, has reported that anti-aircraft systems NASAMS and Aspide arrived in Ukraine.

Source: Reznikov on Twitter

Quote: "Look who’s here! NASAMS and Aspide air defence systems arrived in Ukraine!


These weapons will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian army and will make our skies safer.

We will continue shooting down the enemy targets attacking us.

Thank you to our partners: Norway, Spain and the US."


  • The USA promised to supply Ukraine with eight air defence systems NASAMS in total. Two of them were supposed to be deployed in Ukraine shortly.
  • Earlier in November, media reported that Spain would provide Ukraine with a new military aid package, which would include a battery of anti-aircraft systems Aspide, air defence systems Hawk, anti-tank rocket launchers, tubed artillery and ammunition for them.

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